Name:Liu Wei
Department:Japanese Department
Professional Title:Associate Professor
Research Area:Japanese Language and Culture; Japanese Phoneme; Modern Japanese Grammar; Japanese Literature (specifically Modern Japanese Literature); Japanese Behavioral Culture.


1.Curriculum Vitae
Associate Professor, Director of Japanese Department

2.Education Background 
Bachelor’s degree, Japanese Department, Dalian University of Foreign Languages, 1986.
Master’s degree, Japanese Department, Jilin University, 1988.
Visiting Scholar, Kokugakuin University, 1994.

3.Positions & Employments
1988-1991: Lecturer, Japanese Department, School of Foreign Languages, Tianjin University of Technology.
1994-2003: Associate Professor, Japanese Department, the College of Foreign Languages, Nankai University.
2004- present: Associate Professor, Japanese Department, School of Foreign Languages and Literature, Tianjin University.


5.Academic achievements
Japanese Classic Literature;
Japanese Modern History of Literature;, 
Advanced Japanese Reading;
Selected Outstanding Japanese Compositions.
Selected papers:
1. Liu Wei. Phoneme Theory and Japanese Phonetic Teaching. Nihongo No Gakushu To Kenkyu. 2007, (2): 34-38.
2. Liu Wei. Analysis of the Quantifiers Modifying Body Languages Displacement Phenomenon. Nihongo No Gakushu To Kenkyu. 2006, (4): 16-20. 
3. Liu Wei. Analysis on Modern Japanese Phonic Standard.
4. Liu Xiaorong, Liu Wei. The Year and Its Division in Japanese Modern History of Literature. Writer Manazine. 2010, (12): 97-98.

6.Honors & Awards
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7.Contact Information 
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