Name:Gou Yanjun
Department:Japanese Department
Professional Title:Associate Professor
Research Area:Comparative Literature between China and Japan Comparative Literature and Culture.


1.Curriculum Vitae
Associate Professor of Japanese
Ms. Gou’s major research areas are Comparative Literature of China and Japan, Comparative Literature, and Comparative Culture. She presided over the Youth Project supported by National Social Science Foundation and MOE Project of Humanities and Social Sciences (finished). She also published academic papers on journals such as Comparative Literature in China and The Journal of Ming-Qing Fiction Studies.

2.Education Background 
1994-1998: Japan Research Institute, College of Foreign Languages, Hebei University. 
1998-2001: Japanese Department, the College of Foreign Languages, Nankai University. 
2004-2008: College of Liberal Arts, Tianjin Normal University.

3.Positions & Employments
2001-present:Japanese teacher,School of Foreign Languages and Literature, Tianjin University.


5.Academic achievements
Research Projects:
1)Youth Project supported by National Social Science Foundation: Research on Japanese Modern Novels Idea of Chinese Literature Ideological Origins (13CWW010)
2)MOE Project of Humanities and Social Sciences: Research on Japanese Ancient Novels Drama Theories (finished)
3)Tianjin University Innovation Fund Project: Research on Kyokutebakin’s Novel Viewpoint (finished)
Selected Papers: 
1)Gou Yanjun. Kyokutebakin’s acceptance and criticism to Jin Shengtan’s Commentary on The Water Margin. Comparative Literature in China.  2007, (01):156-168.
2)Gou Yanjun. Comment on Ming-Qing Fictions of Japan Modern Novelists. The Journal of Ming-Qing Fiction Studies. 2007, (03): 164-176+ 122.
3)Gou Yanjun. The Origin of the Weirdness in Japanese Modern Fiction: With Respect to Chinese Literature. Journal of PLA University of Foreign Languages. 2009, 32(5): 90-93+112.
4)Gou Yanjun. The Influence of the Literary View “Admonishment to Convey Truth” on the History of Chinese and Japanese Literary Exchange. Outstanding Collective Papers of the Eighth Annual of Tianjin Federation of Social Science. 2012.
5)Japanese Modern Floating World Novel Concept. Foreign Languages Research. 2008, 112(6): 102-107.
6)Gou Yanjun. The Confucian Culture in the Eyes of Late Modern Japanese Merchants. China Society of Japanese Literature Studies 2010 Collected Papers. 2010: 275-280. 
7)Gou Yanjun. Effect of Buddhist Awareness on Ancient Japanese Fictions and Culture Cause. Journal of Studies. 2011, (04):68-73.
8)Gou Yanjun. Buddhist Consciousness and Aesthetics of Japanese Ancient Drama. Chinese Studies. 2010.
9)Gou Yanjun. Japanese Modern Drama for the Novels of Chinese Literature Ideological Origins. Japanese Research. 2012, 26(2): 55-60.
10)Gou Yanjun. Prefaces of Kyokutebakin’s Novels and Li Yu’s View on Dramatics- novels. Japanese Studies Forum. 2006, (02):32-38.
11)Gou Yanjun. The Modern Color of the Aesthetic of “Mono no aware” in Japan: the Game between “Duty” and“Human Warmth”. Foreign Language Research in Northeast Asia. 2015,11(04): 84-88.
12)Gou Yanjun. Japanese Modern Novelist Kyokutebakin’s Commentary on Journey to the West (sequel). Outstanding Collective Papers of the Tenth Annual of Tianjin Federation of Social Science. 2014. 201-206.
Translation Work:
1)Liu Yuzhen, Gou Yanjun. Man-Yo-Shui and Chinese Culture. Zhonghua Book Company, 2007.
1)Sun Lichun, Gou Yanjun. Trace to the Source and the Interpretation to Literary Exchange Between China and Japan: Selected Papers in Honor of Professor Wang Xiaoping at Seventy Years of Age. Zhejiang Gongshang University Press, 2016. 

6.Honors & Awards
1)Outstanding Paper Award of the Eighth Annual of Tianjin Federation of Social Science (2012)
2)Outstanding Paper Award of the Tenth Annual of Tianjin Federation of Social Science (2014) 

7.Contact Information 
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