Name:Wu Yulian
Department:Graduate English Department
Professional Title:Lecturer
Research Area:African-American Literature, Translation


1.Curriculum Vitae
Lecturer of English
Ms. Wu received her Ph.D. from Beijing Foreign Studies University, majoring in British and American Literature. And she was a visiting scholar at Dartmouth College, USA. Her research specialties are American Literature and Translation and she has made achievements in the research of African American Utopia. In 2016, she presided over a project supported by the Humanities and Social Sciences Fund Project of Ministry of Education. In 2017. She won the Shen Zhikang Award of Tianjin University. 

2.Education Background 
Doctor degree, Beijing Foreign Studies University, 2015.
Visiting scholar of Dartmouth College,2013-2014
Master degree, Jilin University, 2007. 
Bachelor degree, Jilin University, 2004.

3.Positions & Employments
2015- present: Lecturer, School of Foreign Languages and Literature, Tianjin University.
2007—2011: Teacher, School of Foreign Languages, University of Science and Technology Liaoning.

Business English, 
English for Academic Communication
Academic Writing
English for Engineering

5.Academic achievements
Research projects: 
1)The 2017 Independent Innovation Project of Tianjin University: The Evolution of African American Utopia in the Civil War.
2)The 2016 Youth Fund Project of Humanities and Social Science supported by the Ministry of education: The Study of African American Utopia in the Twentieth Century.
3)The 2012 Project of Special Funds for Basic Research Projects in Key Universities: Towards a Gender Utopia: a Study of Gloria Naylor's Novels.
1)Step by Step English: Novel Reading and Vocabulary Improvement, Tianjin University Press, 2012.
Selected papers:
1)Wu Yulian. The Space Shift of Utopia in African-American literature. Journal of Xi’an International Studies University, 2015, 23(4): 91-94.
2)Wu Yulian. Wander, Exile, and Return---A review on Adichie Chimamanda Ngozi’s new book, Americana. Masterpieces Review, 2015, (12): 56-58.
3)Wu Yulian. On the Construction of Black Manhood in Bailey’s Café. Contemporary Foreign Languages Studies. 2013, (10): 52-56.

6.Honors & Awards
1)Tianjin University Shen Zhikang Award, 2017
2)Second Prize of Outstanding Papers of National Foreign Literature Academic Forum for Ph.D. Students, 2012

7.Contact Information 
Address: Mailbox 14, Bldg 33, School of Foreign Languages and Literature, Tianjin University,Tianjin,300354,P.R.China
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