Name:Liu Zhuyan
Department:Graduate English Department
Professional Title:Associate Professor
Research Area:Translation Theory and Practice English Literature Applied Linguistics


1.Curriculum Vitae
Liu Zhuyan, associate professor, major in English language and literature, now teach translation and English Academic Writing for the postgraduate student of non-English majors in Tianjin University. At the same time, Liu has served as the tutor of postgraduate training work in School of foreign language and literature, Tianjin University. During this time Liu finished two provincial project independently and has written and published dozens of academic articles related to translation

2.Education Background 
1984-1989: Beijing language and culture University,  Bachelor degree 
1997-1999:Tianjin Normal University
Master Degree 
Major: English language and Literature

3.Positions & Employments
From 2000 vice professor for postgraduate language teaching , School of foreign language
and literature,  Tianjin University 
1989-1999 associated teacher for undergraduate English teaching , School of literature and Law ,
Tianjin University 

Translation Practice course 
Translation of Stylistic Varieties course 
English Academic Writing course 

5.Academic achievements
America Today, Tianjin University Press, 1998
Management and Business English, Tianjin University Press, 2005
English for Academic Communication, Tianjin University Press, 2011
Oxford Learner’s Thesaurus--a dictionary of synonyms, Oxford University Press, 2012

6.Honors & Awards 
To be updated

7.Contact Information 
Tel:02227403691     139020004658
Address: School of Foreign Language and Literature,Tianjin University,Tianjin,300354/300072,P.R.China 
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