Name:Liu Changhua
Department:Graduate English Department
Professional Title:Associate Professo
Research Area:English Applied linguistics, English language teaching


1.Curriculum Vitae
Associated Professor of School of Foreign Languages and Literature, Director of Department of Foreign Languages Teaching to Postgraduates. After awarded  Postgraduate diploma in Applied Linguistics in English by Tianjin University in 1987, Liu Changhua plunged into the career of English teaching, first to English majors and then to engineering postgraduates, and into reform in English teaching and curriculum design. A host of many TJU’s “Innovative talents Development” projects, she has worked together with her colleagues and developed an online examination platform and data banks for testing postgraduates’ English proficiency, effected task-based approach in testing students’ competence in English use. Pen-and-paper examination for English course exams in TJU is, consequently, completely replaced due to the combination of online-examination and task-based approach. She has also developed different curricula and new courses for postgraduates with focus in academic research from those with focus in application.

2.Education Background 
1985, BA in English for Science and Technology, Tianjin University
1987, Postgraduate diploma in Applied Linguistics in English,  Tianjin University
2001-2002, visiting scholar to LaTrobe University, Australia

3.Positions & Employments
1987-1997, lecturer and associated professor in English department, Tianjin University
1997-to date, associated professor in School of Foreign Languages and Literature, Tianjin University

English Writing, English Journal Reading, Intensive English, Business English, English Listening

5.Academic achievements
America Today, Tianjin University Press, 1998
Management and Business English, Tianjin University Press, 2005
English for Academic Communication, Tianjin University Press, 2011
Oxford Learner’s Thesaurus--a dictionary of synonyms, Oxford University Press, 2012

6.Honors & Awards 
1996, 2nd Prize in Young College Teachers Skills Competition in Tianjin
1998, Medal for 9th-5year Plan Achievement by Federation of Workers Union of Tianjin
2013, First Honor for Teaching Excellence by TJU

7.Contact Information 
Address: School of Foreign Languages and Literature,Tianjin University, Tianjin, 300354, P.R.China
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