Name:Chu Guohua
Department:Graduate English Department
Professional Title:Associate Professor
Research Area:English Teaching Methodology English Vocabulary Teaching Strategies


1.Curriculum Vitae
CHU GUOHUA, Associate Professor 

2.Education Background 
Bachelor of Arts, East China Normal University, 1987
Master of Arts, Tianjin Normal University, 2001

3.Positions & Employments
2003-present  Postgraduate English Teaching Office, School of Foreign Languages and Literature ,Tianjin University.

English for Academic Communication
Academic Writing

5.Academic achievements
Tianjin Social Science Planning Project (TJ03-YW1002): Research on English Active Vocabulary, 2006
A Handbook of English Core Vocabulary, Fudan University Press, 2006.
A Learner’s Dictionary of CET-4 Vocabulary, Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press, 2004

6.Honors & Awards 
Excellent Teacher of Tianjin (2010)

7.Contact Information 
Address: Building 33, School of Foreign Languages and Literature,Tianjin University, Tianjin, 300354, P. R. China
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