Name:Zhang Wenzhen
Department:College English Department II
Professional Title:Associate Professor
Research Area:Lexicological & Cultural Studies of the English Language; College English Education


1.Curriculum Vitae
WENZHEN ZHANG, Associate Professor (since 11/1999) of Tianjin University, was born in Guiyang China on 7 March 1966. Graduated from the Univ. 1987 with B.A., he has worked for the Univ. since then and during which, he also worked as Campus News Telecaster & Translator of Tianjin Univ. CATV in 09/1995-08/2001; as Director of Department II of College English 04/2005–05/2012; and as Chinese Tutor at Confucius Institute, Uni. of Queensland  06/2012–05/2016. And, he studied Media, Development & Democracy (M. Phil. level, non-degree) at Univ. of Oslo, Norway in 09/2002–07/2003. 

2.Education Background 
B.A. in English for Science and Technology,
Tianjin University, 1987

3.Positions & Employments
Associate Professor, 
School of Foreign Languages and Literature

College English

5.Academic achievements
The “In” Cultural Studies of Neologisms with a Negative Connotation. <Tianjin Gaojiao Yanjiu>. No.1 2011
Cultural Questions and Answers for English Study. Tianjin University Press. 2006;
The Software of the European Mind. Tianjin University Press. 2010;
Lexicological Studies of the English Language. Tianjin University Press. 2011;
Chapter 2 Beijing Opera, pp. 14 – 27. Knowing China by Learning Chinese Culture (Fuling Yang; Rita Pokol Poimbeauf). Tianjin University Press. 2014

6.Honors & Awards 
1995 Tianjin Univ. Model Teacher, outstanding for teaching students in accordance with their aptitude

7.Contact Information 
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