Name:Yin Shiyu
Department:College English Department II
Professional Title:Lecturer
Research Area:Linguistics, translation theory


1.Curriculum Vitae
Yin Shiyu, lecturer of linguistics, and translation theory
Yin Shiyu was born in Tianjin in 1977. He received his master degree from Department of foreign languages, Tianjin Normal University in 2003. After which he entered School of Foreign Languages and literature,Tianjin University, to pursue an academic career, and work as an English teacher.

2.Education Background 
Master of Arts(M.A,),Tianjin University, Linguistics,2003.

3.Positions & Employments
2003-: English teacher, School of Foreign Languages and literature,Tianjin University.

Pragmatics and translation, language testing theory, Film appreciation, etc.

5.Academic achievements
A Review of theories about the independent existence of the Chinese adjectival Tianjin higher education   2011.1
The goal of the experimental phonetics Tianjin higher education   2015.1
The preliminary study on Chinese sentence final particle Tianjin higher education   2016.1
Host :Seed Foundation of Tianjin University(2010) the comparative study of the Sino-English adjectival word class on the basis of linguistic typology
Participate in the project: Social science project of Tianjin City (2011)  Research on critical thinking ability in the background of innovative talents cultivation
Participate in the project: the National Basic Research Program of China (973 Program) Basic theory and method of Chinese language information processing and depth calculation in Internet Environment

6.Honors & Awards 
To be updated

7.Contact Information 
Address: School of Foreign Languages and literature,Tianjin University,Tianjin,300354,P.R.China
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