Name:Yang Fuling
Department:College English Department II
Professional Title:Associate Professor
Research Area:Teaching English as a Foreign Language, Pedagogy, Translation, Internationalization of Higher Education, The Belt and Road Initiative


1.Curriculum Vitae
Prof. Yang is now a full professor in the School of Foreign Languages and Literature. She began her academic career in the Department of Foreign Languages of Tianjin University in 1980s, since when she has been teaching and supervising undergraduate and postgraduate students. She also serves as the Director of the Office of International Cooperation of Tianjin University.

2.Education Background 
Prof. Yang accomplished her undergraduate study in the area of English for Science and Technology, and her master program in Applied Linguistics from Tianjin University. She got Postgraduate Diploma with honor for English Language Teaching from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, and her PhD in Management from Tianjin University. 

3.Positions & Employments
Prof. Yang has been working in Tianjin University as an Assistant Professor, Lecturer, Associate Professor and Professor starting from 1980s. After serving in the foreign service as a Consul of Education in the Consulate General of People’s Republic of China in Houston, USA, she began to serve in the Office of Education of Tianjin University apart from her academic responsibilities.

Getting to Know China by Learning Chinese Culture, Communicating in English, Business English, Oral English, English Writing, etc.

5.Academic achievements
Selected Books
F. Yang, X. Wang, Elaboration on Differentiation of English Synonyms, Tianjin University Press, 1997 (Coauthor)
F. Yang, T. Li, T. Xiong, L. Li, Q. Zhang. New Tactics of CET-4, Tianjin University Press, 1999 (Chief Editor) 
F. Yang, Y. Liu, T, Xiong, Z. Zhang, Drills for New College English, Tianjin University Press, 2000 (Chief Editor)
L. Hamp-Lyons, B. Heasley, Translated by F. Yang, Study Writing, China Water Power Press, 2001
F. Yang, N. Zhao., M. Xi., X. Jia, T. Ma, W. Yang, Materials Sciences (Student Book and Teacher’s Book), Shanghai Foreign Languages Press, 2006 (Chief Editor)
F. Yang, The Development and Management of Internationalization of Higher Education, Tianjin University Press, 2013
F. Yang, Arthur B. Morrill and His Love of China, Tianjin University Press, 2013 (Chief Editor)
F. Yang, Y. Zou, R.P. Poimbeauf, Knowing China by Learning Chinese Culture, Tianjin University Press, 2014
Selected Papers
F. Yang, Linguistic and Technological Combination of Translation of Scientific and Technical Literature, Chinese Technical Translation, Third Issue, 2000
F. Yang,M. Xi, X. Jia, Principle of Language Use, Foreign Languages, Fourth Issue, 2000
F. Yang, W. Duan, Reading Human Nature, Journal of Tianjin University for Social Sciences, Third Issue, 2000
F. Yang, Board of Regents of US Universities and Its Implications, Journal for Social Sciences of Tianjin University, Additional Issue, 2004
F. Yang, A New Look at Gone with the Wind, Journal of Institute of Administration of Union Leaders, Tianjin, First Issue, 2004
F. Yang, An Idealistic Fighter of Aesthetic Nature - Another Look at the Old Man and the Sea, Journal of Tianjin University for Social Sciences, Fifth Issue, 2006
F. Yang, Integrated Language Arts and Subject-Based College English Teaching, Journal of Tianjin University for Social Sciences, Fifth Issue, 2007
F. Yang, Analysis of Strategic Human Resources Management in Development and Opening of Tianjin Binhai New Area, Journal of Tianjin University for Social Sciences, Fourth Issue, 2008
F. Yang, J. Liu, X. Cai, A Review of Internationalization of Higher Education, Journal of Tianjin University for Social Sciences, Sixth Issue, 2009
F. Yang, J. Liu, Y. Dong, R. Xu, Trend and Policy Study of Internationalization of Higher Education in China, Journal of Tianjin University for Social Sciences, Third Issue, 2011

6.Honors & Awards 
Third Prize, Outstanding Works in Social Sciences, the City of Tianjin, 2016 

7.Contact Information 
Rm A-322, Administration Building, Peiyangyuan Campus
Tel. 022-27401897
Fax: 022-27401819
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