Name:Xu Weili
Department:College English Department I
Professional Title:Lecturer
Research Area:College English Teaching Cross-Cultural Communication


1.Curriculum Vitae
Lecturer of School of Foreign Languages and Literatute 
Experienced in cross-cultural communication practice
Research interests in comparative cultural differences in language , literature, and cross-cultural communication.
Visiting scholar at Azusa Pacific University of USA from Aug, 2015~ Mar. 2016 

2.Education Background 
MasterofArts(M.A) in Tianjin Normal University, English Language and Literature Department Jun, 2005.

3.Positions & Employments
1991.7~1994.6 English lecturer in HeBei Engineering Institute
1994.6 till now English lecturer in Tianjin University teaching non-English major sudents college English & teaching international students Chinese

Teaching college English listening, speaking, reading and writing etc. Teaching international students primary comprehensive Chinese and mid-level Chinese Listening and Speaking 

5.Academic achievements
Representative published academic papers:
①On the differences of Chinese culture and Western culture from the perspective of Metaphor in `Water`, published on the Journal of Yunnan Nationalities University No.4, 2006. 
②Organizing College English Listening and Speaking Class in the form of League Tournament, published on theJournal of Tianjin Higher Education Studies No. 1, 2008
③Overseas immersion programme and Teacher Learning,published on theJournal of Tianjin Higher Education Studies No. 1, 2017

6.Honors & Awards 
Won the honored title` excellent teacher’by Heibei Province in Jan,1994 
Awarded by Tianjin University & Tianjin Education Work Union with the 3rd prize in the 7th Tianjin Higher Education Young Teachers’ Teaching Skill Contest in Nov.2004
Adwarded 2nd prize in Dec, 2005 by Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press in the College English Teaching Research Papers for younger teachers.

7.Contact Information 
Address: Building 33, Room 351, Schoolof Foreign Languages and Literature,TianjinUniversity, Tianjin,300354,P.R.China
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