Name:Xiao Jie
Department:College English Department I
Professional Title:Associate Professor
Research Area:Interested in language and language teaching, especially the differences between English and Chinese languages and their interconnection with culture and mentality


1.Curriculum Vitae
Associate Professor of English, School of Foreign Languages and Literature at Tianjin University
Associate Professor Jie XIAO was born in Shaanxi Province in 1972. She received her BA and MA from Fudan University and has been teaching languages in Universities.

2.Education Background 
Bachelor’s degree in English and American Literature from Fudan University, Shanghai (July,1996)
Master’s degree in Applied Linguistics from Fudan University, Shanghai (July,2004)

3.Positions & Employments
The University of Queensland, Australia (May, 2014-Present)
Visiting Instructor at the Confucius Institute
*Teaching Chinese 
Tianjin University, Tianjin (August, 2004-Present)
Lecturer & Associate Professor (Since 2010)
*Teaching English Listening,Reading and Writing for non-English major students
Fudan University, Shanghai (September,1996-July,2004) 
Lecturer (since2000)
*Teaching College English Courses for non-English major students

College English 

5.Academic achievements
Published two theses in Chinese key journals: 
“The Concept of Ezra Pound’s ‘Image’----- Its Essence and Function” Journal of Tianjin University 11(2),2009.
“Exploratory Analysis of Vague Digital Terms and Its Pragmatic Function in English Business Report” Journal of Tianjin University 12(1),2010.

6.Honors & Awards 
To be updated

7.Contact Information 
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