Name:Li Hongbin
Department:College English Department I
Professional Title:Associate Professor
Research Area:Foreign Language Planning; L1& L2 Acquisition; TEFL &TESOL; Translation Studies; Sinology


1.Curriculum Vitae
Hongbin Li
Associate Professor of  Foreign Languages and Literature
Professor Lihong Bin is born in Shaanxi on November 23rd, 1966, and is native of Shaanxi Province, China. He received his Master’s Degree from Graduate School of Xian International Studies University in 1996, after which he began to work In Xian University of Science and Technology. He began to teach in TJU. 

2.Education Background 
Master of Arts(M.A,)Xian International Studies University, English Language and Literature,1996.

3.Positions & Employments
1989-1996, Xian University of Geology
1996-2004, Xian University of Science and Technology
2005-present, TJU

General English Reading; Spoken English; Methodology of Translation Studies

5.Academic achievements
Li Hongbin, Yin Shiyu, Wang Lisong. A Preliminary Theoretical Study of the National Macro-needs for Foreign Languages in Internationalization. In Zhao Ronghui (Comp), Foreign Languages in the Perspective of National Strategy. Beijing: Peking University Press, 2012.

6.Honors & Awards 
Honored for Excellence in Teaching by College of Arts and Sciences, Eastern Michigan University, USA.

7.Contact Information 
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