Name:Jiang Bin
Department:College English Department I
Professional Title:Associate Professor
Research Area:Translation; Applied Linguistics


1.Curriculum Vitae
Jiang Bin: Associate Professor; Supervisor of master students
Associate Professor Jiang Bin, majoring in Applied Linguistics, graduated from Tianjin Normal University. From then on she began to pursue an academic career in English teaching. Her research area is English translation and applied linguistics.

2.Education Background 
B. A, Tianjin Normal University, 1992.
Post-graduate study, Tianjin Normal University, 2001.

3.Positions & Employments
1986-1996, teacher of Tianjin University Branch
1996-present, teacher of Tianjin University 

College English; Western Culture

5.Academic achievements
Selected Papers:
(1)Jiang Bin: Generation Application and Innovation of Fuzzy Language. Journal of Tianjin University, Vol. 10 (No.2): 182-186.
(2)Jingjing Li, Jiang Bin: On the Protagonists’ Resolution in Desire under the Elms and Mourning Becomes Electra. Journal of Tianjin University, Vol. 10 (No.2): 187-192
(3)Jiang Bin: On the Chinese ESP Teaching. China Extramural Teaching, 2012-10: 59.
(4)Jiang Bin: Teachers’ Behavior in the Online-education Environment. Tianjin Higher Education Study, No.1, 2010:70-71.
(5)Jiang Bin: On Contrast and Translation of the Chinese and British Cultural Elements. Research on Languages and Cultures, 2004: 66-79.
Main Works:
(1) Jiang Bin. New Horizon College English(Preband 2). Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press, 2002
(2) Jiang Bin, Zhang Wenzhen. Please Speak. Tianjin University Press, 2012.
(3) Jiang Bin. Application of Language and Transmission of Culture. Tianjin University Press, 2014.
(4) Jiang Bin. College English Extended Courses Series (Revised) (8 books). Tianjin University Press, 2016.

6.Honors & Awards 
(1)Tianjin Award for “Outstanding Model”  (1995)
(2)Tianjin University First Prize for “Outstanding Achievement in Teaching and Research” (2003)
(3)Tianjin University Award for “Advanced Teacher” (2001, 2004, 2006)
(4)Tianjin University Award for “Outstanding Member of Communist Party” (2011)
(5)Tianjin University Second Prize for “Outstanding Achievement in Teaching and Research” (2013)
(6)Coach Award of the Grand Prize for “’FLTRP CUP’ English Public Speaking Contest” (2013)
(7)Tianjin University Award for “Women’s Pace-setter”(2014)   
(8)Tianjin University Award for “Model of Teaching and Educating People”  (2014)
(9)Tianjin Award for “Advanced Individual of Teacher's Virtue”(2015)
(10)Tianjin University Award for “Advanced Individual to commemorate the founding of the 120th Anniversary” (2015)

7.Contact Information 
Address: School of Foreign Languages and Literature,Tianjin University,Tianjin,300354/300072,P.R.China
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