Name:Gu Lifen
Department:College English Department I
Professional Title:Associate Professor
Research Area:English Teaching


1.Curriculum Vitae
Associate Professor of English. Ms. Gu majors in English Language and Literature. 

2.Education Background 
Master of Arts, English Language and Literature, Tianjin Normal University, 1991.

3.Positions & Employments
1999-present: School of Foreign Languages and Literature, Tianjin University.

College English

5.Academic achievements
1)Gu Lifen. On Whole Language Approach. Journal of Tianjin University (Social Sciences), 2003, 5(2): 178-181.
2)Literature and College English Extensive Reading.
3)The Relationship between Foreign Language Culture and Students’ Humanistic Spirit Education.
4)College English Writing Teaching Model Based on Automatic Composition Scoring System.

6.Honors & Awards
To be updated

7.Contact Information 
Address: Bldg 33, School of Foreign Languages and Literature, Peiyang Park Campus, Tianjin University
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