Name:Hao Zhiqin
Department:English Department
Professional Title:Lecturer
Research Area:English Literature; Modern Drama


1.Curriculum Vitae
Lecturer of English

2.Education Background 
Ph. D, Nanjing University, 2015.

3.Positions & Employments
2015-09---School of Foreign Languages and Literature, Tianjin University. 

Advanced English Reading; 
A Survey of British Literature

5.Academic achievements
1)Hao Zhiqin,“The Reading Experience from Estrangement to Intimacy: The Narrative Rhetoric of Brick’s Estrangement in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”, Literature and Art Studies, 2014(09): 69-77.
2)Hao Zhiqin, “An Analysis of the Human-animal Relationship in The Island of Dr. Moreau”, Foreign Literature, 2014(03): 130-138.

6.Honors & Awards
To be updated

7.Contact Information 
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