Name:Yue Jing
Department:Chinese Department
Professional Title:Associate Professor
Research Area:Han-Tibet Language Comparison Chinese for Foreigners


1.Curriculum Vitae
Associate Professor of Chinese,Director of Chinese Department
Dr. Yue is a master supervisor of Linguistics and Applied Linguistics. She has directed over 40 postgraduate students since she worked in Tianjin University. In addition, she has published over 20 academic papers, co-edited one book and revised one book for publishing. She presided over one State Ethnic Affairs Commission project, one project of Tianjin Social Science, and three educational reform projects of TJU. Besides, she has participated in one MOE social science project, one project of Office of Chinese Language Council International, and one 985 project of Minzu University of China. She was once the leading lecturer teaching the Chinese course organized by Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council. 

2.Education Background 
Bachelor degree, Hebei Normal University, 1995.
Master degree, Nankai University, 1998.
Doctor degree, Nankai University, 2005.

3.Positions & Employments
1998-2006: Teaching Assistant, Lecturer, Chinese Department, Tianjin University.
2002-2011: Deputy Director of Chinese Department, Tianjin University.
2006- present: Associate Professor, Chinese Department, Tianjin University.
2011- present: Director of Chinese Department, Tianjin University.

Modern Chinese, Chinese Rhetoric, Training for Verbal Communication, Linguistic Methodology, Chinese as the Second Language
College Chinese

5.Academic achievements
1)Research on Loanwords from Han Nationality in Miao and Yao Minority Nationalities of Dongtai Area, the Commercial Press, 2010.
1)Yue Jing. Languages Features of Network Advertisements. Journal of Tianjin University (Social Sciences). 2005.
2)Yue Jing. A Linguistic Probing into the Mulam Place Names. Nankai Linguistics. 2005 (2): 145-153.
3)Yue Jing. The Sounds of Jing (精) and Zhang (章) Groups in Huangjin Town Speech, Mulao Language. Minority Languages of China. 2006 (1): 35-44.
4)Yue Jing. The Influence of Chinese on the Word Formation of Modifier Compound Words in Mulam Language. Journal of Tianjin University (Social Sciences). 2008.
5)Yue Jing. The Standardization of the Chinese Translation of Foreign Names. Literatures. 2012 (5): 76-77. 
6)Yue Jing. Research on the Component Teaching Method in Foreign Language Teaching. Journal of Tianjin Academy of Educational Science. 2012 (4): 65-66.
7)Yue Jing, Jin Yuzhe. The Word Formation Characteristics and Criteria of Name-Quantity Compound Words. Journal of Chifeng College. 2012 (1): 188-190. 
8)Yue Jing. Network Fashion in Public Language and Its Standardization. Outstanding Collective Papers of the 8th Annual Academic Meeting of Tianjin Federation of Social Science, Tianjin Renmin Press, 2012.
9)Yue Jing. The Ecological Civilization through Metaphor in Right Bank of the Argun. Outstanding Collective Papers of the 9th Annual Academic Meeting of Tianjin Federation of Social Science, Tianjin Renmin Press. 2013.
10)Li Ying, Yue Jing. Research on the Intermediate Idioms Teaching Materials in Foreign Chinese Teaching. Journal of Lanzhou Institute of Education. 2014 (8): 100-101.
11)Li Ying, Yue Jing. The Origin and Development of “jieguang”. Journal of Taiyuan Urban Vocational College. 2014 (6): 197-198.
12)Li Youyou, Yue Jing. Research on Respective Words in Qian Cai’s The Life Story of Yue Fei. Journal of Language and Literature Studies. 2015(7): 26+62.
13)Guan Yinan, Yue Jing. Study on the Homonymy Verbs in Northern Dialect and Mandarin. Journal of Mudanjiang Normal University. 2015 (1): 97-100.
14)Zhang Yingdan, Yue Jing. The Lexical Characteristics of Lao She’s Teahouse. Journal of Jinzhong University. 2016, 33(2): 86-89.

6.Honors & Awards
1)Outstanding Youth Teacher of the 2nd Tianjin University Teaching Month (1999)
2)Tianjin University MOTO (Motorola) Award (2000)
3) Outstanding Supervisor of Undergraduate Graduation Thesis, Tianjin University (2003, 2006)
4)Tianjin Excellent Language Researcher (2007)
5)Tianjin University Excellent Master Supervisor of International Students (2014)

7.Contact Information 
Address: RM373, Building No.33, School of Foreign Languages and Literature, Tianjin University Peiyang Park Campus
Tel: 022-27403691
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