Name:Wang Jing
Department:Chinese Department
Professional Title:Lecturer
Research Area:Journalism Theory and Political Communication


1.Curriculum Vitae
Lecturer of Chinese
Ms. Wang received her Ph.D. degree from the School of Journalism and Communication, Renmin University of China, majoring in Journalism. Her main research areas are Journalism Theory and Political Communication.

2.Education Background 
Doctor degree, School of Journalism and Communication, Renmin University of China, 2009.
Master degree, School of Journalism and Communication, Renmin University of China, 2001.
Bachelor degree, Inner Mongolia University, 1998.

3.Positions & Employments
2001-2006: Lecturer, Inner Mongolia University.
2006- present: Lecturer, Tianjin University.

Introduction to Media Literacy
Introduction to Journalism
Introduction to Communication
Interviewing in Journalism

5.Academic achievements
1)Wang Jing. Comment on Inner Mongolia Reporter Who Obtained Fan Changjiang News Award. Journal of the Staff and Worker's University, 2017(3):47-50.
2)Wang Jing. Timeliness Anxiety and Timeliness Value Reassessment. Youth Journalist. 2015(5): 9-10.
3)Wang Jing, Sun Guohua. On Communication Dilemmas of Government Affairs Micro-blog. Editors' Friend. 2015 (4):61-64.
4)Wang Jing. From View Free Market to View Market Censorship. Journal of Inner Mongolia University Of Finance and Economics. 2014, 12 (1):33-36.
5)Wang Jing, Wang Jinshan. The Structural Transformation of Market of Ideas- Basic Characteristics of Network-Based Market of Ideas. Journalism Knowledge. 2013 (8):20-22.
6)Wang Jing. Imaginary Communication- Internet Mediated Interpersonal Communication. Journalism Knowledge. 2013 (6):12-14.
7)Wang Jing. The Value Composition and Prizing Strategy of Digital Newspaper. Youth Journalist. 2013 (17):39-40.
8)Wang Jing. Exploration on Environmental News. News World. 2013 (6):29-30.
9)Wang Jing. Three Topics for Media: Technology, Society and History. Journal of Changchun University of Technology (Social Science Edition). 2013, 25 (3):138-140. 
10)Wang Jing. A Brief View on three Media Patterns of the Marketplace of Ideas. Journal of the Staff and Worker's University, 2013 (3):83-86. 
11)Wang Jing. From Facts to News; the Production and Reproduction of Meaning. Tianjin Academic Library. 2011: 418-423.
12)Wang Jing. Exploration of the Failure of Marketplace of Ideas. Collection of Papers on Journalism and Communication. 2011(2): 176-187.

6.Honors & Awards
Tianjin University Award for “Women’s Pace-setter”, 2015

7.Contact Information 
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