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International Student association of tianjin university





To foster and facilitate all international students in education, management, and self-serving ability, also embracing friendship and make progress together.



To cooperate and help all the students in understanding their difficulties related to living , study….etc. and give the feedbacks in dealing with such problems.

To actively join all the cultural activity of international students and thoroughly perform the related works especially in improving extra-curriculum activities.

To join actively with in and off campus activites, and strength the relation between other univesities, fostering the exchange between chinese and foreign students.



Academic department: Help all foreign students in dealing with the study-related problems, and more familiar with TJU learning environment.

students’ life Dept: Help all the foreign students to fit in the living here faster, especially to improve and fulfill their basic needs.

sport department: Encourage the students to participate in all sorts of sport activities, while fostering good exercising habit and maintain physical fitness.

cultural department: To promote the cultural exchange between all the students and learn more about each others’, especially Chinese Culture.

information department: Responsible for managing all ISATJU’s information and communication.



All the International Students of Tianjin University may join as members of ISATJU.

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