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There are many sports fitness place in Tianjin University. For example, student activity center, stadium, gymnasium, swimming pool, tennis court, badminton court and table tennis hall etc. Students can access these places with their Student ID Card. And they have to pay the relevant expenses.


Opening hour:

1Tianjin University’s football field, basketball court, volleyball court are freeto admission and open to students according to the following timing:

    Monday to Saturday: 6:00~7:45, 11:45 ~13:45, 16:45 ~19:30

    Sunday: 6:00~11:00,15:00 ~19:00

    Basketball court with lightening: 19:00 ~ 22:00

    If organize any events, fees will be charged accordingly as follow:

    The football field: Half space: RMB 50 yuan/hour ;

    The whole site : RMB 100 yuan/hour

    A basketball court: RMB 20 yuan/hour

    (evening performance add RMB 10 yuan/hour for Light fee)

    A volleyball court : RMB 15 yuan/ hour

    (no fees will be charged temporarily)

    Fees for the tennis court: Plastic ground: RMB 10 yuan/hour,

    Tar ground: RMB 5 yuan/hour, ( evening performance RMB 10 yuan/hour for Light fee)


2)A natatorium

    a.Tianjin University Peiyangnatatorium

     Each ticket RMB 10 yuan/hour, plus fifteen minutes showering time, no shallow water area. Card: RMB 140 yuan/20 hours, Non-Tianjin University students’ card: RMB 120 yuan/20 hours, Tianjin University students’ card: RMB 100 yuan/20 hours, student’s card transaction and usage must bring student ID, period of validity: Three months.

     Opening hour for natatorium : 6:00~8:00,10:00~22:00

     Venue: Tianjin University Youth Lake East Stadium on the ramp

     Tel: 27408061


    b.Fu Kang Road natatorium

    Every ticket RMB 12 yuan / 2 hour ( Including showering time); Card RMB 180 yuan /20 times, two and half hour/ time, the period of validity: two months. There is a shallow water area, one need to bring ones’ own lock or RMB 1 yuan for renting lock ( deposit RMB 10 yuan)

     Venue: Opposite Nan Kai University South Gate, Taida Club South

     Tel: 23351962


    c.Natatorium at Forty-three Middle

    Every ticket RMB 10 yuan/1.5 hour, including showering time, Second lane in shallow water, sixth lane in deep water, Card RMB 210 yuan/30 times, each time 1.5 hours. One must bring swimming cap.

    Venue: In the north of Tianjin University attached middle school, South of AnShanXiDao SaiBo

    Tel: 27372728


    d.Tianjin Swimming diving hall

     Morning: 6:00~8:00 Only admission to Morning Exercise card holder and Membership card holder.

     Afternoon: 12:00~14:00 Tickets RMB 20 yuan

     Evening: 19:00~21:00 Tickets RMB 25 yuan

     Tianjin Nankai College Field: 18:00~19:00 ( Monday to Saturday)

     Venue: City Water Park North Road, Zhou Deng Memorial on the ramp

     Tel: 2337841023523814


3)Swimming course information

  Tianjin University Peiyang natatorium ( As for the details on timing, please refer to the notice given by the Peiyang natatorium)

  Beginner Class  100 yuan/ 12 times

  12:00~ 13:00 12 times /semester

  19:00~20:30 8 times/ semester

  19:30~21:00 8 times/ semester

  Advanced Class 140 yuan/12 times

  12:00~13:00 12 times /semester

  19:00~20:30 eight times/ semester


   Fu Kang Road natatorium

   Noon 11:30~13:00 for lesson, Self practice after class, no time limit. 200 yuan/20 times. Progress differs from man to man, quick learner can learn several types of swimming.


   Natatorium at Forty-three Middle

   Noon 11:30~12:30 for lesson, Monday to Friday. 150 yuan/ 15 times, no continuous lessons are required, 15 times are required.


Notes:As for the current fees, please refer to the relevant venues

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