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2001.9~2004.7 Master of Arts

College of Culture and Communication, Guangxi University

1997.9~2001.7 Bachelor of Arts

Department of Chinese Language and Literature, Hebei Normal University


Linguistic typology; Preparatory college education


Chinese language courses, such as listening courseoral course.


1Analysis and Development Strategies of Foreign students' Academic Education in China, Journal of Northwestern Polytechnical University, 2016

2Study on the Extensional Functions of Chinese and English Interrogative PronounsJournal of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, 2014

3Typologic Difference of the Exclamatory Usage of Interrogative Pronouns, Journal of Tianjin University,2014

4Analysis of the Errors in the Learning of Chinese Consonants by Saudi Arabian Students, Journal of Yunnan Normal University, 2011;

5Chinese for Science and Technology Listening and Speaking, Beijing Language and Culture University Press,2012

6Tiantian Chinese Speaking 2,University Press,2016.


1Analyses on Regular Phonetic Errors Made by Vietnamese in Learning Chinese awarded the 3rd prize in 2004 for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (Tianjin)

2Further Dividing of Classifier awarded the 2nd prize in 2005 for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (Tianjin)

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