Liu Jianping Inspects the Ocean 3I Technology Research Center of TJU School of Marine Science and Technology

Release time:2015-05-12 Source:TJU

   On June 10, party secretary of TJU Liu Jianping and vice president Yuan Yingjin, accompanied by officials of scientific research institute, two offices and School of Marine Science and Technology, comes to 3I (intelligent harbor, intelligent maritime, and intelligent shipping) technology research center of School of Marine Science and Technology that enters into Naikai coordination innovation base.

   Liu Jianping and other leaders inspect the working environment of the ocean 3I technology research center, listen to the report from School of Marine Science and Technology of the construction of the research center and the business condition, watches the research results live demonstration achieved by the center, and communicates with the Naikai district leaders about the co-construction affairs.

   Liu Jianpig approves for the construction situation of the marine 3I technology research center and encourages researchers to carry out research work in response to the application need of related industries and speed up the process of research results transformation and popularization to better service the marine economic development.

   It is said that 3I technology research center of School of Marine Science and Technology is set up by TJU, national marine technology center and Naikai district in response to national marine strategic deployment and to implement the marine economic scientific development requirements of the municipal party committee. The center mainly researches key technologies about intelligent harbor, intelligent maritime, and intelligent shipping (3I), develops application systems and conducts industrial conversation. Ocean 3I, based on new information technologies such as internet, internet of thing, cloud computing, satellite navigation, virtual reality and artificial intelligence, perceives comprehensively, interconnects broadly and blends intelligently towards shipping economic related factors and forms an information platform for shipping service to achieve a safer and more effective navigation goal, which is the lubricant and catalyst of the shipping economic development and can achieve the effect that low cost gains high return, technology promotes management and information interconnection accelerates integration of different industries.

  (Executive editor: Yang Chengsheng)



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