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A Delegation from Nanyang Technological University Visits TU
  March: 2011-04-21

A delegation from Nanyang Technological University (NTU), headed by President Su Guaning, visited TU on April 19th. President Jiajun Li welcomed the guests together with representatives from the School of Environment Science and Technology, the School of Software Engineering, the College of Management and Economics, the International Cooperation Officethe Office of Science & Technology and the Graduate School.

President Li indicated the great importance TU attached to this visit and hoped that more substantial cooperation between the two universities would be promoted with the joint efforts from both sides. President Su Guaning expressed his appreciation for TU’s warm hospitality and his wishes for a concrete cooperation based on previous and further exchanges. A detailed discussion was held on the collaboration in the fields of digital animation, business management and environmental science and engineering.

After the meeting, the delegation visited the University History Museum and was deeply impressed by the development course of TU as the first modern university in China as well as the significant contribution TU has made to the advancement of Chinese higher education.

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