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Microchip–TU MCU/DSC Joint Lab Unveiled
  March: 2011-04-18

 Usually an ADSL modem and a router are necessary if dormitory roommates surf the Internet by sharing the same IP and still, a telephone set has to be kept for convenience. Yet Xiufeng Ye, a freshman from the School of Electronic Information Engineering (SEIE), TU, found those devices so clumsy that he submitted a proposal to design a three-in-one communication device. On April 7, the unveiling of Microchip-TU MCU/DSC Joint Lab made this idea possible.

The lab was jointly established by SEIE, TU and Microchip Technology Inc., a world-leading provider of Microcontroller and Analog Semiconductors. Microchip donated 30 sets of industrial development systems to the lab and also provided related service such as technical training, facility maintenance and upgrades. It was the first time that Microchip presented a university with an industrial system which was widely used among developed countries.

On the unveiling ceremony, the Chairman of University Administrative Council, Jianping Liu, expressed his appreciation to Microchip for its donation. He hoped that joint efforts from both sides would be made to build a brand lab which plays a crucial role in cultivating students’ innovative spirit and practical capacity and to further promote bilateral cooperation and exchanges. The Dean of SEIE, Jianguo Ma, and Microchip Technology Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. northern area sales manager, Tianming Xu, unveiled the Joint Lab together and expressed their wish for a win-win collaboration.

The Joint Lab will serve as a substantial support for students who are keen on extracurricular activities in science and technology and engineering practice, and shorten the gap between university education and market demand. Dean Jianguo Ma said that the Joint Lab will combine theory with practice by conducting a series of engineering experiments based on actual projects. Class training patterns will be applied to extracurricular activities so as to develop students’ ability for solving practical problems with theoretic knowledge.

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